About PrivateInvestigatorEDU.org

PrivateInvestigatorEDU.org was created as the first-of-its-kind all-inclusive online resource dedicated solely to career preparation in the private investigations field.

As the industry has grown and evolved to include everything from computer forensics to corporate fraud investigations, so too has the regulatory environment in which private investigators operate.

PrivateInvestigatorEDU.org serves as a state-by-state guide detailing the laws that govern private investigations, as well as the process for becoming licensed in each state.

PrivateInvestigatorEDU.org’s development staff has dedicated countless hours to research and interviews with state licensing and regulatory boards to gather the most current information available anywhere. We provide clear, easy-to-follow step-by-step guides covering everything from gaining training and experience, to preparing for licensing exams, to obtaining the proper insurance, to completing the continuing education requirements necessary to maintain a license in good standing.

The staff here at PrivateInvestigatorEDU.org has designed this free resource with up-and-coming private investigators in mind. We expect the state-specific guides and other vital information found here will provide aspiring private investigators with everything they need to streamline the licensing process and begin a successful career.