Tennessee Private Investigator Lends a Hand to Find Missing Oregon Woman

After more than a month long search, the body of a missing Oregon woman was found by a volunteer group that searched relentlessly for her remains. Thirty-five-year-old Cheryl Hart was last seen on August 4 in Eugene, Oregon after she embarked on a road trip with boyfriend Jeremy Milutin. Hart’s family frantically searched for her along with the local police but there were few clues to her whereabouts until a Tennessee private investigator stepped in to help.

Jaymie Frederick, a retired Tennessee law enforcement officer used her new career as a private investigator to help find the birth families of adopted men and women. Frederick was in Oregon visiting family when she met Hart’s aunt who immediately asked her for her help with her missing niece. She decided to offer her services at no cost and began sorting through the facts.

Frederick knew that Hart and boyfriend Milutin visited Chiloquin just a week before she was reported missing and she had the details of Milutin’s comings and goings on the day after the suspected murder. She concluded that Milutin gave himself only enough time to hide her body as he traveled between Eugene and Klamath.

After setting up a tip line, Frederick sorted through the calls that came in on her private cell phone. She filtered the information and passed on relevant information to Hart’s family. One tip cracked the case wide open when a tribe employee said he remembered seeing a car fitting the description of Milutin’s speeding on Forest Road 44 near the 9.5 mile marker on the day of the suspected murder. “The time of day he thought it was, I knew right then that what I believed was true; I believe he saw the suspect that day,” said Frederick.

A volunteer group dispatched to the area and recovered Hart’s body. Milutin was charged with Hart’s murder and is currently awaiting trial. Frederick credits the search team for finding Hart with a little help from her.