Private Investigators Make Progress in Missing Child Case

Imagine being on a camping trip in the forests of Idaho, enjoying a sunny July day with family and friends, when you realize you haven’t seen your child in a while. You begin looking for them, and you can’t find them. You panic, calling their name, but they aren’t returning.

This happened to the Kunz family in July 2015, and they’ve been searching frantically for 2-year old DeOrr Kunz ever since. This sparked a manhunt on foot, on horseback, and on vehicle down the Timber Creek Reservoir. No sign of DeOrr was found.

The Kunz family looked into hiring a private investigator, to get the ball rolling in the search for their son. They hired a private investigative firm out of Texas, and hosted a fundraising dinner to cover the initial $20,000 fee and subsequent $5,000 fee per month.

Once the private investigator was hired, they seemed to quickly return results. They ruled out all possibilities but two: the boy was either abducted or killed by a wild animal. However, this is not a concrete statement about whether or not the child is dead, and even then, there is no word on whether or not the death would be intentional or accidental.

The investigators said they believe the case to be solvable, but they need room to perform their investigation. The case has received a lot of attention on social media, which has resulted in unrelated users posting hurtful comments on the investigator’s Facebook page. Strangers are accusing Kunz family members of abducting the child, even though the investigators have vetted and cleared all family members and secondary parties in the area at the time of the disappearance.

The investigation has been very emotional for both the investigative team and the Kunz family. The family members lament the loss of their son, who they were unable to celebrate Christmas with. DeOrr would be 3 years old during Christmas.