How to Market Yourself as a Private Investigator and Stand Out Amongst Your Competitors

Private Investigator on a rooftop looking through a spyglass

In an ideal world, our referrals alone would keep our investigative businesses afloat. However, many of us need to consider how we can become our own cheerleaders and market ourselves to prosper in our careers and enjoy a more successful business.

Although you could certainly put money into advertising, you may actually get the biggest bang for your buck through effective marketing. With that in mind, it may be time to ask yourself: How to Market Yourself as a Private Investigator? How to get clients as a Private Investigator?

Well, let’s explore some of the private investigator marketing strategies that we have in store for you:

Your Target Market

Unlike a local retail business, for example, the boundaries of your services do not have to lie within a few radius miles of your company’s headquarters. For most private investigators, traveling is part and parcel of the profession, so casting your net beyond the city or town in which your business is located may make a lot of sense.

What this means is that local advertising tools, such as print, television, and radio, just don’t make much sense to most private investigators when considering the cost of advertising versus the return on the investment.

Professional Associations

With this in mind, your focus should be on a larger audience and, for most private investigators, this is accomplished by becoming a member of professional associations. Through professional associations, private detectives can find a great deal of value in marketing themselves at trade events, conferences, and the like.

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It often pays to look into joining a private investigator association, a business networking organization, or even a chamber of commerce. It may prove extremely beneficial to join a business network association that allows just one business to join in any given area. For example, the association may only allow membership from just one manufacturing company, one law firm, etc.

To take inspiration and thrive in the prospect of digital marketing, start your own private investigator blog and focus on highlighting your services, the advanced technologies you use for surveillance, your renowned cases, offer insights into the breaking industry news, maintain a digital portfolio to help you gain exposure amongst potential clients by expanding your client base. 

Given that most professional associations have an excellent presence on the Internet, clients may come looking for a private investigator through the association’s website, where your company and contact information will be prominently presented.

A strong presence on regional or national websites may be one of the most effective forms of marketing, given that the majority of people now head to the Internet when shopping for everything from doctors to—yep, you guessed it: private investigators.

Keep the Meet and Greet Strong 

Being a PI, networking can always reap numerous benefits for your business! Start attending community events that help in building strong networks with lawyers, authorities, and other potential clients.

Richard Branson rightly said that free publicity and word of mouth is probably the best and cheapest form of advertising! Learn to use it to your advantage.

Becoming an active member of the community by participating in activities or providing them short courses on basic protection and regulations. This will not only create goodwill but will help you gain credibility and excessive word-of-mouth advertising which potentially is the best form of advertising that there is!

Pro-Bono your Way towards Recognition 

Whether it is taking up on cases that require little expertise or is not that high-profile, you might want to start gaining traction by helping your community through pro-bono work by volunteering occasionally to help solve the case. This facilitates word-of-mouth marketing which leaves behind a great impression for yourself and sooner than later people will start trusting your services as and when they personally witness your on-ground work and level of expertise. This will help you become an active and responsible member of the community, thereby, getting you more recognition through your dedicated and relentless efforts.

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Send newsletters

Whether you start your own blog or you collaborate with agencies or digital pages on PIs, you must ensure that you establish a two-way communication by sending important updates on industry news. Generating awareness through newsletters can be a great way to gain recognition and exposure!

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