Top Three Private Investigator Cases

People hire private investigators for a number of reasons.  These reasons span the gambit of personal and professional interests and include: the stereotypical spouse who hires a private investigator to help determine if their spouse is cheating on them, the insurance company that hires private investigators to research the history of claimants, and government agencies that hire private investigators to help uncover fraud and wrongdoing among officials.

Because there can be much confusion about the roles private investigators play in these circumstances, let’s take a closer look at what kinds of services a private investigator may offer in all of these situations.

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Cheating Spouse

For various reasons, a married person may wish to discover if their spouse is cheating on them.  Often times the reasoning is financial, as infidelity can play a significant role in the outcome of separation or divorce proceedings.  But sometimes the reasoning is purely curiosity.  Regardless of the reasoning behind the decision, private investigators may legally be contracted to investigate marital infidelity.  But despite the legality of such investigations, private investigators are nevertheless not able to legally tap a person’s phone or unlawfully enter their home in order to gather evidence.

Insurance Claimant

The business of an insurance company, roughly speaking, is to collect as many premiums as possible while paying out only those claims that are 100% legitimate.  When an insurance company suspects that a claimant may be faking their injuries, or otherwise attempting to defraud the company, it may hire a private investigator to check into the claimant’s background, follow the claimant secretly, and otherwise investigate the claimant to see if there is any evidence that the insurance claim is false.

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Government Agencies

Because investigators often work for the government, when a local government suspects that there has been instances of corruption, they often hire outside private investigators in order to avoid conflicts of interest.  These investigators are usually given wide access to government files and financial statements in order to help determine if there has been any wrongdoing.