PI Continues the Quest to Find the Remains of a Missing Michigan Man

Donald Dietz, affectionately known as “Bicycle Man” in his hometown of Saranac, Michigan, disappeared in 2007. Police believed he was murdered for his $450,000 in life savings, and Rami Saba was the prime suspect. Saba used Dietz’s name to steal the money and was convicted of aggravated identity theft and bank fraud in 2011. He is currently serving a 32-year prison sentence in New Hampshire.

Dietz’s remains were never found, and he was declared legally dead in 2010. His family seeks closure and even has his headstone and grave picked out. Marvin Dietz, Donald’s brother, never gave up hope of finding Dietz’s body.

PI Vic Weeks of Lowell volunteered to help find Dietz. The retired Kent County sheriff’s deputy had permission to search the home that was previously owned by Saba. Although police had searched the property extensively in 2009, Weeks discovered charred remains on a grate and brought in a cadaver dog. The dog keyed into the site and sat down suggesting that it had found human remains.

Michigan State Police remain unconvinced, however. Their cadaver dog did not indicate the presence of human remains. The investigators sent the charred and burned material to their forensic lab in Grand Rapids, although they were not hopeful of discovering anything of use.

Saba had an accomplice—Raogo Ouedraogo. Initially convicted of conspiracy to kidnap and kidnapping resulting in death and bank fraud in 2011, the convictions were overturned. However, a federal appeals court reinstated the convictions on the conspiracy charges, and Ouedraogo is serving five years in prison.

The Dietz family was hopeful that Ouedraogo might provide information on the location of Donald Dietz’s remains, but he was uncooperative claiming that it would implicate them further.

Donald’s family has not given up the quest to find his remains and will continue searching with the help of Vic Weeks.