Missing Cat Found 1,600 Miles Away Thanks to Private Investigator

Pets go missing all the time. Staple laden telephone poles across the country are a testament to delinquent dogs and forlorn felines everywhere. However, Riley McDermid of Vallejo, California, was not ready to give up after a long search for her missing cat Sheba left her empty handed.

Sheba, McDermid’s 3-year-old rescue went missing in September. The black cat usually showed up for dinner around 6:30 every night, but was nowhere to be found one evening. McDermid visited local shelters and posted pictures of Sheba online, but was unable to track Sheba down.

On the same day as Sheba’s disappearance, the children of her deceased neighbor were in town cleaning out their father’s house. They had rented a UHaul to help transport his things nearly 1,600 miles away to Omaha, Nebraska.

On a whim, McDermid reached out to one of her former neighbors children, Brittany Hulett, who had been there helping to sift through her father’s possessions. However, after a series of Facebook messages and texts, McDermid never received a single response.

She grew suspicious of Hulett’s silence, and decided to hire a private investigator. Mona Kay, owner of Mona K Investigations in Omaha had worked with pets in the past. Kay approached Hulett at her home to follow up on McDermid’s messages. Kay stated that Hulett seemed strangely defensive about the questioning.

Kay showed a picture of Sheba to Hulett who immediately recognized the distinctive black cat. She claimed that, while cleaning out her father’s house, she had accidentally let out his cats. She mistook Sheba for one of her father’s cats and took McDermid’s pet on the road.

Thanks to Mona Kay’s investigative work, Hulett recognized her mistake, and Sheba only had to wait for a flight to be booked before she could return to her home in California.