Tech Savvy Private Investigators Turning to Cyber Hacking to Solve New Cases

When most people hear the term “hackers,” they automatically think of bad guys. While this term typically does get quite a bad rap, all the negative connotations may not be as accurate as they were just a few years ago. In fact, a number of North Dakota private investigators have turned to hacking techniques to help them gain insight into cases and uncover information that would otherwise remain hidden.

While there are still a number of “traditional” PIs around, a new breed is emerging. The modern private investigator works behind the scenes in order to keep the cyber world safe and secure.

One of these revolutionary cyber-crime-fighters is Steve Gaber, located at an undisclosed location in the Fargo-Moorhead area. He is a self-proclaimed private investigator and hacker – and one of the “good guys.”

Gaber is a firm proponent of keeping things on the up-and-up, and swears that he never hacks a system without first receiving the proper permission, even though he’s quick to point out that in many ways, modern criminals have it much easier than their predecessors who had to physically break into properties to steal things.

He explains that any time someone accesses the internet, a virtual “front door” is left wide open, which makes it easy for criminals to steal things. He refuses to just go online and hack anyone, since he feel that if he did, he would be just as bad as the bad guys. He always first acquires a client’s permission or a legal search warrant.

Modern private investigators like Garber aren’t interested in prosecution, but are instead focused on financial compensation for their clients. After all, even when someone is criminally prosecuted, financial losses are not always received.

While Garber admits that his job can be boring at times, he said he still gets a rush when he discovers a “bad guy.”