Private Investigator Helps Reunite Two Brothers after More Than Half a Century Apart

There is nothing more satisfying than helping people with problems that seem impossible to solve. At least that’s what the Private Investigator who helped Steven Farley and Michael Riederer would say, after he was able to reunite them 60 years after they were separated.

The Private Investigator in this story, whose name cannot be revealed for confidentiality reasons, succeeded at something Farley couldn’t do: find his long lost brother and get information about his other three siblings, who, unfortunately, had passed away. When the Private Investigator was initially briefed on the case, he immediately accepted it, saying that he was touched by the emotional story and, at the same time, intrigued by its difficulty given the lack of details.

This story is as complicated as it is simple to tell. The brothers were born to parents who were alcoholics and placed in an orphanage, where they were eventually adopted by different families.

At 17, Farley found out he had other siblings and decided to do everything to get in touch with them, as well as his brother. He quickly discovered, however, that it would be no easy feat and decades later, had made little progress.

Only when a Private Investigator was hired, his most ardent wish came true. The investigators work included intense research of every relevant memory Farley had about both his childhood and his adoptive family, as well as following up on newly-discovered tracks, which, sadly brought the news of his other siblings. Eventually, the investigator tracked Riederer to his Fresno home and, as soon as they started talking, all doubts dissipated. It was certain – the search was over.

The moment when the two living brothers saw each other was full of emotion, positive tension and happiness, with everyone present observing the similarities between the two men: they looked, talked and acted almost the same. Even though they live in different states, they have vowed not to let the distance come between them.