Private Investigators in Alabama Very Pleased with State’s New Regulations

The bill passed in 2013 in the state of Alabama that regulates the private investigations profession has been and continues to be hailed by PI’s across the state as a much needed change within the industry. As on unnamed investigator put it recently, before the bill was passed into law, Alabama “required more certifications from manicurists.”

Many private investigators in Alabama had spent years expressing the fact that they felt that the profession in their state was looked down upon by investigators in other states because there was no regulatory protocol in place. The bill was written by members of the Alabama Private Investigation Board who also lobbied heavily – and successfully – for its passage into law.

Until 2013 when the bill passed, Alabama was one of only a handful of states throughout the US that didn’t have licensing regulations in place for the private investigations profession. Colorado had a voluntary regulation program in place until 2013 but changed their policy that year to a mandatory certification process that is slated to go into effect in June of 2015.

Bill Posey, former president of the Alabama Private Investigation Board, stated recently in an interview that he and many other PIs and retired PIs in the state see the regulatory law as much more than simply a means of establishing a standard of quality within the profession but also as an essential protective measure for the consumer.

Posey stated that private investigators are hired for any number of reasons but that regardless of why they are hired, the consumer needs to have some way of knowing that they are getting good value for the money they are spending on such a valuable service. State regulation substantially “legitimizes” the industry and those who work within it and makes for a much better system of checks and balances when it comes to weeding out those who, as Posey put it, “are not true professional investigators.”