Private Investigator’s Book ‘Getting the Truth’ Offers Tips at Book Signing

Private investigator Joe Koenig shared some of his experiences with readers when he visited the Horizon book store in Traverse, Michigan on Saturday. While signing copies of his book, “Getting the Truth,” Koenig spoke about how it took him decades to learn communication techniques to decipher the truth. The book, published by Principia Media LLC, is about how Koenig, during his time as a former Michigan State Police Investigator, learned various communication tactics that influenced the way individuals interpreted and relayed information.

Koenig asserted that while investigating, it is important to recognize partial truths while taking statements from people because most individuals do not tell ‘complete lies.’ He said, “People have honed their skills to become partial truth-tellers. Instead of saying ‘I did not do it,’ they might say ‘I deny I did it.’”

Koenig has had a long and successful career as a law enforcement officer. He served with the Michigan State Police for over 20 years and was the lead investigator of the case related to the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa in 1975. Koenig brings his vast experience as an investigator to his book and shares valuable information that can help those looking to make a career as a private investigator.

At the book signing, Koenig mentioned that to keep communication effective, one must ensure that there is a positive exchange of information. With regard to any case, the investigator must have a clear understanding of what needs to be asked and then work from there. Koenig cautiously added, “You can close the door on the answers you’re looking for by simply asking the wrong question.”

He was first inspired to write during one of his presentations for NALS, an association for legal professionals. A woman walked up to him at the end of the presentation and recommended Koenig write a book on the topic.