Who Murdered Jaspar?

Albuquerque Bio Park in New Mexico is a fully accredited zoological institution which has been working with Australian specialists who have approved it as a place to house Tasmanian devils due to its experience with several difference Australian mammal species. The Tasmanian devil is a marsupial, about the size of a little dog, and is only found in the wild on the island of Tasmania which is part of Australia. The government of Tasmania lent four Tasmanian devils to the Bio Park in Albuquerque as part of a program to try and prevent the extinction of these rare animals.

However, Jasper, a four year old devil, was recently discovered to be dead inside his enclosure. Analysis showed that it appears he died from a severe blow to the head and it is thought that someone through a heavy object or rock at him. Now, the city has retained a firm of Private Investigators, Robert Caswell Investigations, to ascertain exactly what took place.

According to Bob Casey from the Investigation firm, they have been carrying out Albuquerque city investigations for over a decade and they will collate documents, evidence and interviews, while the Albuquerque Police Department will investigate the criminal side of the case. They also know the Bio Park well, as some months ago they were retained to investigate missing entrance fees, and discovered that some workers were taking them.

One of the tasks of the Private Investigation firm will be to establish whether Jasper’s death was caused by an employee at the zoo, so they will be looking at the procedures in place and also investigating the employees.

In addition to the investigation, $10,000 will be given as a reward if Jaspar’s killer is caught.

Meanwhile the Zoo and Aquarium Association of Australasia sent its condolences to the Albuquerque Bio Park on the death of Jaspar, saying that their thoughts were with all involved and that they were pleased that such a professional investigation would take place.