Veteran Law Enforcement Officer is Also Seasoned Private Investigator

Armando Zatarain has spent 30 years as a private investigator in Newport Beach, California. He developed a strong reputation around his community over the years as the consummate professional who exhausted every resource he had available to him to perform the work his clients hired him to perform to the best of his ability. He specialized in financial crimes and has performed countless asset searches and background checks in an effort to track down everything from safety deposit boxes to brokerage accounts to hard assets like cars, boats, and other big ticket luxury items. All of this so that he could pinpoint the location of debtors who owed money to the creditors who hired Zatarian.

Zatarian says that in most of the cases he works, he and his team of investigators are typically able to track down debtors and the money they owe in fewer than thirty days. The more challenging cases take a little longer but either way, the clients never pay anything unless and until their money is collected. They then pay what his clients have always said is a fair percentage of whatever money is recovered, the amount being of course on a case by case basis.

But Zatarian wasn’t always a private investigator. For the first 13 years of his career in law enforcement he was a uniformed police officer in Newport Beach. He followed that up with a dozen years with the California Department of Justice as a Special Agent. He has performed thousands of hours of undercover work and has survieled people all over the United States as well as in Mexico.

He provides his investigative services for debt collection, blackmail and extortion, internal theft, witness location, insurance fraud, and many other areas. Zatarian loves his job and doesn’t have any desire to retire any time soon.