Retired Private Investigator Uses Skills and Technology to Solve Crime Committed Against Him

Last weekend a retired private investigator in Providence, Rhode Island found himself in a situation in which he was investigating a crime committed against himself. Ralph Howe and his wife were having dinner at a local restaurant and enjoying an evening together on the town. When they came out of the restaurant they arrived at their car to find one of the windows broken and glass shards strewn all over the interior and exterior of the car. Upon further inspection Howe and his wife noticed that a purse, and iPhone, and an iPad had been stolen. That is when Howe’s 30 years of private investigations experience kicked in.

The first order of business for Howe was to file a police report, which he did immediately after realizing that he and his wife were the victims of a crime.

Howe stated that he had initially thought to file the report and leave it at that. But after going home and thinking about the situation he says he began to take the crime personally. After the initial shock of what happened had passed followed by the need to take care of the official business of filing the report, he says the reality of what had occurred began to sink in and he became angry.That’s when Howe decided to make use of his investigative kills and the next morning he began looking into the crime. He used a tracking feature called Find My iPad that uses GPS in order to locate a lost iPad.

He used the tracking application to locate where the suspect was and ended up following him across the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts for nearly 100 miles. Over the course of much of that day Howe covertly tailed the suspect who eventually made his way back to Providence where he stopped at a car wash. That’s where Howe called the police who met him at the location and arrested the 32-year-old male suspect.