Private Investigators Reverting Back to Good Old Fashioned Police Work

The world of law enforcement in general and private investigations in particular in the United States has done well in keeping up with rapid technological advancement in order for officers and detective to better perform their jobs. Despite the proliferation of new technology, however, private detectives in Pittsburgh are beginning to revert back to methods of detection that are less technological and more traditional.

Private investigators are hired by all manner of employers, ranging from insurance companies to bank officials to independent business owners, and are called upon to find information on just about everything under the sun. The range of jobs that a detective might be hired to carry out includes confirming or disconfirming spousal infidelity, performing background checks on an employee, or searching for bail jumpers.

As with most things in life, the internet has made detective work much faster, easier, and more efficient. Searching for important information about a target can be as fast and easy as logging on and performing a search of social networking sites. But as technology has certainly made things easier for the nation’s PI community, ironically it has also made things more difficult at the same time.

More and more people are becoming proficient in internet hacking and other cyber-related crimes and with that proficiency comes an increased ability to circumvent internet detection and put misinformation out there about criminals and criminal activity.

So in an effort to circumvent the circumventers, detectives are looking at taking a page out of their grandfather’s detection playbook and reverting to more traditional methods such as hanging around local liquor stores and bars looking for information, visiting relatives of suspects, and engaging in gossip with friends and neighbors in the community.

They have found that doing reconnaissance at social gatherings like birthday parties, holiday picnics, and other similar family-type outings can bring out the suspects they are trying to find or at least provide information from the people who know them. Many in the business refer to this as good old fashioned police work and more in the detection community are finding it works wonders.