Elite Task Force to Combat Stalking Introduced by Private Investigator

Stalking is a problem in many American cities but it is particularly rampant in Los Angeles. It is so widespread, in fact, that there are private investigations agencies that are in business specifically to investigate stalking cases.

Worldwide Intelligence Network is one of those agencies and it has set up what it is calling its Anti-Stalker Task Force. This task force is comprised of several elite private investigators that collectively have more than four decades of experience working stalking cases and providing services in the personal protection field.

According to the founder of the Worldwide Intelligence Network, the agency receives a high number of calls from both men and women who are the victims of stalking and who fear for their very lives. Many of them claim that they cannot even go to the corner store or even to visit a neighbor or take the garage to the curb because they are scared of being attacked by the individual or individuals who they believe are stalking them.

The private investigators who are part of the Anti-Stalker Task Force have been hired to combat this growing problem in the Los Angeles area.

According the statistics provided by the federal government, more than 6.5 million people in the United States fall victim to stalking on an annual basis. To be clear, stalking is defined by federal law as “a series of acts directed at a specific person intended to cause and resulting in fear for that person.”

Stalking has become much more than just sitting in a car looking at the house of the intended target. Stalking has become more high-tech than ever as stalkers have begun using GPS and other tech devices and methods to track their targets and to elude law enforcement.

The Anti-Stalker Task Force will use its own methods, both high- and low-tech, to investigate stalkers and help bring them to justice.