Donald Sterling Hires Private Investigators to Dig Up Dirt on NBA

By now most people have undoubtedly heard about Donald Sterling and his racist tirade, which will likely cost him the ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. The rant in question was secretly recorded by his then girlfriend V. Stiviano, and was the primary piece of evidence the league used against him when attempting to fine him $2.5 million, ban him for life from the NBA, and force him to sell his basketball team. Now, after having such secretly recorded information used against him, Sterling has reportedly hired a series of private investigator firms to look into the backgrounds of the NBA and its owners.

According to published reports, Donald Sterling has hired four private investigator firms and given them all six figure budgets and 30 days to look into the backgrounds of the NBA and its 29 owners (excluding Sterling who is the 30th owner). T

he move comes as the NBA attempts to force Sterling to sell his stake in L.A. clippers to former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer, who has agreed to purchase the team for a whopping $2 billion dollar sum. The sale, which was arranged by Sterling’s wife Shelly Sterling, was initially rejected by Donald, and then reportedly accepted, before he finally decided to fight the sale.

Those with knowledge of the matter say that the “gloves are off” and that Sterling is willing to go to bat to keep his team, even if it means sullying the names of various NBA owners, or even the league itself.

As part of the process of selling the team to Ballmer, Shelly Sterling reportedly had Donald declared invalid as a result of two psychological exams having indicated that he may be suffering from the early stages of dementia.

In an interesting twist, recent recordings of Sterling berating at least one of the doctors who gave him the diagnosis has also been released to the public.