Private Investigator Hunts Phony Psychic Con Men and Women

Private investigators concur up a wide variety of images in the public eye, including those resulting from movies and popular television shows.  The truth is that private investigators serve different roles to different sections of society, depending on their individual skill sets and areas of focus.  And while many private investigators focus on helping to uncover cases of insurance fraud, governmental and businesses fraud and mismanagement, and helping police locate criminals, some private investigators prefer to make their living in the world of the taboo.

Private investigator Bob Nygaard specializes in helping recover property lost as a result of fraud committed by supposed psychics.  The majority of his victims have turned over cash, jewelry, and other valuable property to psychics after having become caught up in a web of lies and deceit.  Often times Nygaard’s clients have had a string of bad luck in life, and have turned to psychics to help them understand what’s going on.

The psychics, sensing the vulnerability and desperation of the victims, make up the fantastic stories relating to how the victim is cursed and only after paying large amounts of money, often times tens of thousands of dollars – but sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, will the curse be able to be removed.

One reason Nygaard’s clients come to him is because they have often been turned back by police, who sometimes claim that the psychic fraud is a civil matter as opposed to a criminal matter.  In order to help convince police the criminal nature of the cons, Nygaard often goes undercover in order to collect the evidence needed.

In one recent case Nygaard even worked with the Santa Clara County D.A.’s Office in order to bring down a psychic who had asked his client for payment of $511,000.