Why Private Investigators are Busting Cheaters in Record Time

Many cheaters think they are experts at infidelity, easily covering their tracks and getting away with their mischievous deeds. But many private investigators say that, many times, cheaters are just not as good as think they are. Private investigators, in fact, are catching cheaters in record time, they say, and it all has to do with technology.

Instead of the ubiquitous hotel room key or lipstick on the collar, cheaters are being discovered with the very tool they are using to perpetuate their infidelity: technology.

Private investigators are now looking to today’s technology first to uncover the tracks of a cheater. From posted photos to racy tweets and texts, cheaters are leaving a virtual infidelity trail, which is memorialized for private investigator to find. Now, instead of tracing an individual’s actual footprints, they are tracing the cheater’s digital footprint, finding evidence of their infidelity through their blatant use of technology.

Here are just a few of the ways private investigators are busting cheaters in the act:

  • Private investigators are retrieving information cheaters thought they deleted. Think deleted incoming and outgoing phone calls, deleted text messages, and calendar updates are forever erased? Think again, says private investigators, who are often able to retrieve this information.
  • Private investigators can find email addresses through website registries. Many private investigators can comb registries for specific websites, such dating and escort services websites, for the presence of a specific email address.
  • Cell phone records speak volumes for private investigators. Because individuals these days make a large number of phone calls from their cell phones, it may be hard to track down a specific number. But they do look for patterns, such as phone calls late in the night or those that last for an extended period.