Private Investigator Salary Information for Indiana

Nearly three hundred private investigators were employed in Indiana in 2012 based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  Their ranks are projected to grow by 18.6% through 2016 according to the state of Indiana’s projections for high-salary, high-demand occupations.

The annual median income and the average salary earned by those investigators in the top tenth percentile are shown below for the state as a whole and for the 31% of the state’s PIs that work in Indianapolis:

Indiana City
Average Annual Salary

Individual employees of a private investigation firm do not need a license, but Indiana has stringent requirements for those in charge of detective agencies.  Applicants to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency must have criminal background checks completed by each county, city, and state that they have lived in within the past seven years.  It is highly important that the background checks be completed at each local jurisdiction.

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A fingerprint background check by the Indiana State Police is also required.  In addition, applicants must have proof that they have at least $100,000 of limited liability insurance.  The state of Indiana must be listed as an additional insured.  Four thousand hours of experience as an investigator is also required to obtain a license in Indiana.  A private investigator’s license in this state does not grant the right to carry a firearm.

The jobs of private investigators can be highly varied.  Some PIs specialize in financial investigation.  They may investigate potential investors to ensure they are on the up and up.  Others perform surveillance—ensuring that those claiming workman’s compensation are truly injured or checking on potential infidelity by spouses or other loved ones.

Salary data on additional locations in Indiana is available from the BLS.  The levels of employment, annual, and hourly salary data are shown below for these areas.

Private Investigator Salaries in Indiana

Area name
Annual mean wage
Cincinnati-Middletown OH-KY-IN
Indianapolis-Carmel IN
Louisville-Jefferson County KY-IN
Estimate not released

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